High-End Couture for Fashion Savvy Pets and their People!

Celebrity Designer Mary Viveiros Aims to be Top Dog in Canine Fashion

Maria Viveiros, who playfully says, “Bark is the new black” has spent many years behind the glitz and glamour of the demanding pageant world! Her love for art and designing clothes is traced back to her Portuguese roots, a place with heritage handcrafts that have been passed down for centuries.  “There are two things that are important to me,” Viveiros said. “First of all, I love clothes and I love embellishing them. And, I love pets!” The two passions merged two years ago when Veiveiros made the switch from fashion designer for people to fashion designer for pets. Today, Maria stands behind her atelier House of Privilege where you can commission wardrobes to tailor fit your pampered pooch.

House of Privilege have been featured on The Bachelorette and is sold in posh stores from Beverly Hills to Manhattan.